Hajime no Ai Photography (Satsuki Ichikawa)が出張撮影したMonochrome Photography, Weaning Ceremony, Newbornなどが写った「New born photo」の家族写真

Hajime no Ai Photography (Satsuki Ichikawa)が撮影した「New born photo」の家族写真

この写真は、撮影プランのアルバム「New born photo」の中にある画像の1枚です。
Family Photography, Baby Dress, Weaning Ceremonyなどがキーワードの家族写真を探すなら、「New born photo」の他の写真も詳しく見てみるのがおすすめです!

撮影プランの写真をまとめて見てみると、Hajime no Ai Photography (Satsuki Ichikawa)がどんな印象の家族写真を撮るカメラマン(スタジオ)なのかもよく分かります。

Hajime no Ai Photography (Satsuki Ichikawa)

Hajime no Ai Photography (Satsuki Ichikawa)

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About Hajime no Ai Photography (Satsuki Ichikawa)

Photos have a mysterious power that can send you back in time.

To that day you made your wedding vows at the alter.
To that moment of affection to your dear child. The happiness of family.
When looking back on these photos, you realize you are indeed full of happiness.
And when something is amiss, you can remember your roots and act calmly.

"Hajime no Ai", which is our brand name, comes from these feelings.
Hajime no Ai means The First Love (the beginning of love).

The Bible gives us a message to "Go back to the first love."

I shoot photos from the heart, and aim for photos that bring you back to the roots of your love. Photos that you will treasure forever.

For the two of you, I will take photos with great care.
My big themes are natural, full of smiles and translucent.
Dramatic photos are also nice.

When we shoot together, natural communication will draw out your wonderful smiles.

Do you want to avoid unnatural poses? Are you looking for natural, beautiful photos?
Then please contact me. :)

Satsuki Ichikawa
Born 1980, Tokyo.
14 years as a wedding photographer. 1 year as a newlywed.
After starting with weddings, she delved into pre weddings, maternity photos, family photos, and all other important life events.
Treasuring each and every new meeting, she will take photos from the heart.

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