smile photo officeが出張撮影した家族写真一覧

smile photo officeが出張撮影した家族写真一覧です。
お宮参り・七五三・お誕生日などの記念に出張撮影した写真以外にも、肌, 衣類, ピンクなどのキーワードがつけられている写真が24枚あります。

smile photo office

smile photo office

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smile photo officeについて

I was born in Osaka, and worked for 11 years at a Maiko (Geiko) workshop photo studio.
I took photos for over 70,000 customers.

With the skills I cultivated, I wanted to create and record memories together with customers freely.
That is why I started Smile Photo Office.

We can make a special experience for anyone, anytime.
If you come to Smile Photo Office, we can help you discover a part of you that you've never seen before.

I look forward to the day that we can do a photo shoot together.

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