Blagovesta Filipova Photographyが出張撮影した写真一覧

Blagovesta Filipova Photographyが出張撮影した写真一覧です。
お宮参り・七五三・お誕生日などの記念に出張撮影した写真以外にも、ブルガリア, 家族などのキーワードがつけられている写真が60枚あります。

Blagovesta Filipova Photography

Blagovesta Filipova Photography




Blagovesta Filipova Photographyについて

Wedding photography, photojournalism define as in cinema style. This is the balance between documentary and art photography, which creates magnificent wedding photos. Images gathered himself tears and smiles, casual moments and orchestrated moments! A successful wedding photographer is able to see and seal the whole palette of beauty, emotions and feelings that occur seconds before his camera. Shooting event that you trust me, I become part of your life and you my - that's the secret to creating a clean and true photography that touches not only the eyes but also the soul.

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