La Cristina Fotografia が撮影したMaternity photoのアルバム「Maternity Photography」

「Maternity Photography」について


「Maternity Photography」は、La Cristina Fotografia が撮影した家族写真(ファミリーフォト)のアルバムです。

Maternity photoの写真をまとめて見てみると、La Cristina Fotografia がどんな印象の家族写真を撮るカメラマン(スタジオ)なのかもよく分かります。

La Cristina Fotografia のように、おしゃれな家族写真を撮影する国内外の腕の良いカメラマンやおすすめのスタジオが、エミリィには数多く登録しています。
Maternity photoのみならず、ロケーションフォトやイベント当日撮影のカメラマン選びの際、ぜひ参考にしてくださいね!

La Cristina Fotografia

La Cristina Fotografia

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About La Cristina Fotografia

Cristina likes photography but does not get complicated, so when looking for names for the project she thought that simplicity was a mini-point for her!

La Cristina photography, sings poorly in the shower, likes to cook for her friends, laugh until she hurts with her daughter, stroll around the world cities with her husband and many of the things that give her allergy, yes, she does not support the tuna canned or prawns.

But what Cristina likes most is having had the courage to dedicate herself to what is really her passion, and that is why she thanks all those who have trusted her and that make her dream, day to day, come true.

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