Photographer Simon Bonnyが出張撮影したFootwear, People, Standingなどが写った「Family Photo」の家族写真

Photographer Simon Bonnyが撮影した「Family Photo」の家族写真

この写真は、家族写真(キッズ,ベビーフォト)のアルバム「Family Photo」の中にある画像の1枚です。
Jeans, Standing, Family Reunionなどがキーワードの家族写真を探すなら、「Family Photo」の他の写真も詳しく見てみるのがおすすめです!

家族写真(キッズ,ベビーフォト)の写真をまとめて見てみると、Photographer Simon Bonnyがどんな印象の家族写真を撮るカメラマン(スタジオ)なのかもよく分かります。

Photographer Simon Bonny

Photographer Simon Bonny

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About Photographer Simon Bonny

Simon Bonny is experienced photographer and has worked in many different areas including shoots for magazines, corporate clients, public events & concerts, real estate, weddings, family portraits and many more. He has spent many years working in both Australia and Japan, and has good communication skills in both languages.

He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan working as a freelance Photographer.

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