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England/Vlaanderen/Flanders/Comunidad de Madrid/Community of Madrid/Noord-Holland/North Holland/District de Luxembourg/Luxembourg District/Nordrhein-Westfalen/North Rhine-Westphalia/Hlavní město Praha/Prague/Budapest/Capital Region of Denmark

About Atsushi Harada Photography

Name of Company: Seishin Amsterdam
Managing Director: Atsushi Harada
Address: Isolatorweg 36,1014AS Amsterdam

Established in August 2015
Capital Stock: 4,600 Euros

2010: Worked at Planex; promoted to section manager.
2013: Changed to a photo company called Vande Creation.
2013: Moved to the Netherlands.
2015: Started Seishin Amsterdam; affiliate company of Photo Studio XYZ AMS
2016: Opened an office in Amsterdam Nachtlab; affiliated with a club specialty channel, Club TV
2016: Affiliate with Commercial/Promotional Video Company Visiblex

**Locations 200+ km away from Orlanda require a 100 to 300 USD business trip fee.
**Cancelation policy
2 weeks prior (50%), 10 days prior (60%), 3 days prior (80%), day of shoot (100%)