Anette Bruzan Photographyが出張撮影した写真一覧

Anette Bruzan Photographyが出張撮影した写真一覧です。

Anette Bruzan Photography

Anette Bruzan Photography



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Anette Bruzan Photographyについて

Photography is my calling, and my big passion. I don’t photograph subjects, i photograph the way they make me feel.

I love the outdoors – you know, tree and grass and flowers and such. Landscape photography is my 2nd photo – related love.

I really truly love weddings, and want only for my images to speak for themselves – loudly and clearly.

When I create an image of a couple in love, I hope to be creating a piece of art – a painting in light, love and a forever relationship.

Since im a natrual light photographer im always look for the best light.

Those magical hours before sunset (golden hour) are my favorite time of the day, and that’s why im always try to schedule a portrait session of you during golden hour.

The golden hour can be rather late in the nordic countries during summer, but it so worth it, best time of the day.

For me it is all about making beautiful, dreamy, romantic images. I like to capture what touches my heart

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