Rafael Orczyが出張撮影した家族写真一覧

Rafael Orczyが出張撮影した家族写真一覧です。
お宮参り・七五三・お誕生日などの記念に出張撮影した写真以外にも、結婚指輪, 愛, 花束などのキーワードがつけられている写真が0枚あります。

Rafael Orczy

Rafael Orczy

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Rafael Orczyについて

I consider myself as a lifestyle photographer first of all. “Lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined”. How is my style? Modern, classic, romantic, elegant, timeless.

I tell stories from the wedding day, I try to show the hidden and precious moments of the day, capture the essence who you are, through an artistic interpretation of your day along with some of the best of the traditional aspects of wedding photography. The wedding is a story, not just couple of nice images. It is a story about 2 people who fell in love, and who celebrate their Big day together with the family and the friends.

I do only a few wedding a year, about 10-12. I value the relationships that are created and maintained with my couples both during and following the wedding.

My international experience and the hundreds of thousand exposure will help me to get the greatest images of your wedding! My couples always remember the lots of laughs, my personality and my calming presence, also the happiness and the cheerful moments from our shootings. We have a lot of fun together and that’s important. I do not put pressure on my couple’s shoulder. All I want to see are the real emotions….that what makes a great photo.

I speak basic French and some Mandarin.

I'm available worldwide!