Motiejus Wedding Photographerが撮影した家族写真(ベビー・キッズフォト)一覧

Motiejus Wedding Photographerが撮影した家族写真(ベビー・キッズフォト)一覧です。

Motiejus Wedding Photographer

Motiejus Wedding Photographer




About Motiejus Wedding Photographer

I am blessed to be able to call my passion my job, to travel and see beautiful places and people I have never seen before and most importantly - to meet people who I will later end up calling friends.

I love telling stories of weddings as a coming together of people, with all the quirks, all the joy, human and beautifully unexpected moments.
Working with you on your wedding is much more than just telling a story. It’s about getting to know you, learning about the things you love and admire. It’s about creating a friendship, a trust between you and me. And I genuinely care about it.