Giuliano Bausanoが出張撮影した家族写真一覧

Giuliano Bausanoが出張撮影した家族写真一覧です。

Giuliano Bausano

Giuliano Bausano

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Giuliano Bausanoについて

Thanks for being here and looking through my work. I am a Visual Designer specializing in Wedding photojournalism and Wedding Cinema. My work is my passion, it’s my life. I am Italian mother tongue and I do speak English, Spanish and a little bit of French. I’ve always had a desire to document real life, so I think this is why wedding stories has become my passion. You’ll always find me with a smile while I’m working.

I genuinely care about every couple. The intention behind each wedding for me is to create an entirely unique wedding story the couple will fall totally in love with.

I did pictures in a lot of countries. I shoot weddings, all kinds of events, vacations in all parts of Italy, Europe and US. For over five years I was involved and shared a lot of emotions during a hundreds of beautiful weddings and events with nice friends and families.