thiago gimenesが出張撮影した写真一覧

thiago gimenesが出張撮影した写真一覧です。

thiago gimenes

thiago gimenes

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São Paulo サン・パウロ

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I believe in love, I believe it's not just a feeling, it is the most powerful force of the universe.
I believe in stories, good stories are the most beautiful way to preserve and spread the power of love.
I believe in photography, I believe it is the most atemporal way of telling good stories.
I believe in empathy, and that is the entrance door to tell love stories with photographs.
I believe photography is the least important thing on a wedding day, but as time goes by, it becomes the most powerful witness of the love and joy felt that day.
That's why I believe in candid photos, in carefully grab a little moment of emotion and togetherness and preserve it for the days to come. I don't believe in create epic photos with beautiful poses and perfect smiles. I want people to be themselves to live and share love and I'll be there to tell the stories.

and my business is all about what I believe.

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