Girolamo Monteleoneが出張撮影した写真一覧

Girolamo Monteleoneが出張撮影した写真一覧です。

Girolamo Monteleone

Girolamo Monteleone

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An extraordinary photographic service is the right mix between the science of creation and the art of satisfaction.
It takes technical and experience to make a good photo service, but it's not enough. You also need the art of customer satisfaction and satisfaction! It is art because, as with arts in general, something can be beautiful or ugly or bring satisfaction differently from person to person.

Meeting customers is an art.
Technique is important but not all, it is essential to know the expectations and personality of the bride and groom so that they can come in tune with them so that they capture with my unique shots, moments and feelings and grasp the uniqueness and personality of couple.

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