Alberto Orrú が出張撮影した写真一覧

Alberto Orrú が出張撮影した写真一覧です。

Alberto Orrú

Alberto Orrú

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Sardinia is a wonderful italian island in the center of mediterranean sea. In Sardinia we habe one of the best sea in the world. You'll can have a fantastic wedding on the beach.

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Do you marry in Cagliari or in Italy and are you looking for a photographer who can offer you special pictures for your wedding ?

Do you have a business and want to advertise yourself or your products?

Contact me to know the prices and to have a personalized quote for your photo service
For customers who do not live in Sardinia, I offer the possibility to arrange Skype phone calls.

For those who live in Sardinia, I get every day by appointment in my photographic studio in Cagliari .

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