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AMI Admin Tools

Create Your Portfolio

Upload your photos to create your own personalized showcase. Select the types of photo shoots you offer, and tag your photos with keywords like “beach”, “cherry blossom”, “artistic” etc. to make it easier for customers to find your packages.


Create Your Own Package

Make your own photography packages and set the type of shoot, price, and services offered. AMI Admin also allows you to create special packages for selected areas and times.


Manage Your Schedule

Sync your account with Google Calendar to easily schedule bookings. Booking requests will only be scheduled on dates you are available, and you can accept/decline bookings from within AMI Admin. If you are not available, we will coordinate with the customer to try and match your schedule.

Customer Support

Our team takes care of administrative tasks such as answering commonly asked customer questions, arranging dress rentals and hair/make-up artists etc.

Order Management

AMI Admin provides you with an easy to use booking, payment, and photo delivery system. Payments are processed via PayPal.


Create an FAQ

Reduce your workload by creating an FAQ that answers questions your customers frequently ask.


Customer Communication

We provide you with a messaging tool to easily connect with your customers. Get to know your client and discuss important details before you meet to ensure a smooth shoot and satisfied customer.

Reminder Message

To make sure everything goes to schedule, we will send a notification to you and your customers the day before the photo shoot.


What is Famarry?

Famarry helps couples find the most professional and caring photographers to take their dream engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon or anniversary pictures in the most romantic and picturesque destinations around the world.



What is emily?

It is perfect not only for celebratory events such as shrine visits or Shichigosan, but also for birthdays, piano presentations, summer festivals and Christmas shooting reservations.
With our service, parents can feel free to book photographers to take pictures of only "now" as a milestone for children's growth.


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